I've filmed at over 100 weddings for companies like By Design FilmsMarmalade Sky Films and Gruen Weddings. For most of these weddings I was second shooting, but I've also been the lead shooter many times. At this point I'm confident in directing a 2-3 camera setup as well as running audio for the key moments. Unfortunately I don't have access to the trillions of gigabytes of footage that I've provided for these production companies, but I've been allowed to share some of my work through their completed videos. Please note that I did not edit these short films, and that these are about 4 years old. 




Films as 2nd shooter:


Solmaz Sean:  http://www.gruenweddings.com/solmazsean


Adrienne Michael:  http://www.gruenweddings.com/adriennemichael


Holly Joe:  http://www.gruenweddings.com/hollyjoe


Jeannette Stanton:  http://www.gruenweddings.com/jeanettestanton


Andrea Stewart:  http://www.gruenweddings.com/andreastewart

As Lead Cinematographer:


Ruthie Ray:  http://www.gruenweddings.com/ruthieray


Amy Eric:  http://www.gruenweddings.com/amyeric



bodies/lenses: Canon 5D Mark 4, Mark3, and backup Mark 2. I have a 24-70mm L 2.8, 70-200mm L 2.8, nifty 50mm 1.8. 100mm L macro 2.8

Stabilization: 2 fluid head tripods, a 4 foot slider, and a shoulder stabilizer.

audio:  Zoom H4N and a Zoom H6N for recording, and a Sennheiser wireless lav kit.

aerial: DJI Phantom 4 Drone

lighting: 2 large soft boxes, large LED grid, reflector, (flashes and triggers for photo)



My normal rate for second shooting is $50 an hour, with additional costs for drone operation and long distance travel.