Hi There!  

My name is Nicholas Lea Bruno. 

Feel free to contact me about photos, videos, or anything really.




I'm available for a variety of services, including but not limited to: portraiture, landscape, event, wedding, fashion, product, and experimental film photography. I also love making videos..... crowdfunding campaigns, company profiles, music videos, parties, and mini documentaries.


I try to make myself available to do pro-bono/discounted work for non-profit and social justice organizations when I can afford it. Are you working on something awesome and meaningful? Don't hesitate to contact me, even if you don't have much of a budget. Great experiences are just as valuable to me as money :)


I'm based in Oakland, CA, but I love to travel. I offer discounted day rates for work outside of the Bay Area. 



I'm always open to collaboration with other artists and professionals.... whether it's second-shooting at a wedding, putting together a gallery show, or making a silly stop-motion animation... I really enjoy working with other creative people.



I have two nice cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, a seamless backdrop, stands, tripods, a slider, various stabilizers, audio equipment, light painting stuff, an awesome assistant, reliable transportation, and a good attitude. I have extensive experience filming weddings as well--if you're a production company, consider hiring me for your next wedding job.



I've recently begun teaching photography courses at Berkeley Art Studio, and I'll be there at least through the Fall. If you're interested, I'm instructing Beginning Digital Photo, Portraiture, and Documentary Photography. Here's the schedule.


Also, I'm happy to work with you individually on your photography practice. Contact me for rates.